"UCM2" was formed in April of 2012 by the incredibly talented former Midnight Caravan guitarist Mike McCann (Wildman), along with Scott Chase (Sko') on Bass, Glenn Laubaugh (Merlinn) on Keyboards, and Ron Harris (Skeeter) on drums, percussion, backing vocals.

Almost immediatly Mike added several VERY impressive local musicians to the line up...Dennis Daley (Timothee Learyx) on vocals, Ric Santiago (Mo' Soul) on Saxophone, "Molten Mike" Deselle (Dobro Steele) on slide & dobro guitars, Wendy Lord (Cool Breeze) on backing vocals, George Garcia (Hunter) for vocals on "Geronimo Rides" and "99%", "Boston Bob" (The Bostonian) on harp, backing vocals. And finally, Larry King (Fatha Tyme) was brought in to help out on drums. With Specials thanks to "Jammin' Joe" for his amazing vocals on Back Porch Blues.

so, without further ado.....

The Legend of UCM2

Dispatch Date: 08-12-1974
Dimension: 88.2

On the day his life journey turned 13 degrees to the left, Wildman was out fishing in the Howlin’ Wolf River. The night before, 'round the Burning Bush, he heard a tall-tale about a funky green luminescent chip embedded in the top stone of a pyramid. “Rumor has it the stone held within it Einstein’s brainwaves and the secrets of inter-dimensional time travel.....they say the stone was lost somewhere in the Northern territories of Wouheegon"

Later while wading in the river, wildman sets his hook in a badass Steelhead trout. The trout takes off with the current and Wildman too! Exhausted after a rough ride through the rapids, he flops onto a grassy island in the middle of the river.  And there he sees…the magic stone!…with an inscription that reads… “DNA Cryogenics – Einstein’s Brain…if your thoughts are misguided, your future will be pre-decided… E=MC2”

Wildman wraps the stone up in a piece of his hemp clothe. Now he must travel the back roads of Area 510 to evade the Agents of Dark Matter. While he’s walking through a giant spruce forest he sees a black Corvette spitting dust and gravel in its wake as it roared up the road towards him. On impulse, he sticks his thumb out to hitch a ride. The shiny back ‘vette comes to a screeching halt. “Yo!, Rip Van Winkle…You need a lift?...I’m Sko, the libertarian, this is my gal, Sweet  Marian!” 

“Wow, that’s a bitchin’ ride man!, thanks for the lift! By the way, I’m Wildman, from Wouheegon…tell ya which way’s west with one shoe on”,  I’m goin’ to Cali-wood, for the Burnin’ bush festival. With a "Cheshire Cat's grin", Sko takes it all in ‘n says “yeah!, we are headin’ west...all across the nation, it’s a Hippy Migration!”

As Wildman gets into the ‘vette, they pass the Shiva, and start talkin’ politics. Marian tells Wildman that “the only reason for war is to sell those weapons and if people knew that 10,000 years of peace begins!

Wildman decides he can trust his new friends with the secrets of the time travelin’ philosophers’ stone. “It’s Einstein’s brainwaves and DNA code. We MUST find Merlin Mindstein. He is the only one who knows how to use it. The rest of the message I’ve deciphered reads: Yo!, Skeeter Thunderfunk invites you to join him at the Burning Bush Festival in Cali-Wood for the "Annual Big Bush Jam" where Mindstein plays the keys in a relativity experiment. Be prepared to experience inter-dimensional time travel. 

“Way out far man!”, Sko raps. “Let’s go jam!”, 3 days and 2,000 miles later they finally arrive at the big jam, just as the local monks were piling bales of Shiva onto the 8 sacred bon fires. “Let the Festivities begin!” Then the whole crowd began to meditate. “Ooaamm!…Ooaamm!…Ooaamm!”

The Earth Mother began to tremble as the sound of the most ominous power chord ever heard reverberated through the Universe. "It's Merlin Mindstein, he's come back home in his killer ride! "Dragons of the Muse!...It’s a freakin’ fire breathing, time-travelling GTO!...What the Funk?!"

When Merlin stepped out of the GTO he was very disoriented. “Gravity Shift, G-7 Uplift!, Who’s got the Stone?” He keeps repeating in a mad hatters loop. Wildman was thinking really hard as the Electric Eureka Cool-Ade he’d been drinking started to kick in. Suddenly he knew exactly what to do…” Just set the stone on Merlin’s head and maybe he will snap out of it!” Merlin was still looping when the stone was balanced on his head. 

After a short while later he collected himself climbs up on stage, grabs the mic’ and proclaims...“Merlin Mindstein’s my name!, findin' the equation for God’s my game!...So, NO parking on the grass!...just puff, puff,...pass! We ALL started jammin’ with Skeeter Thunderfunk in the key of B, when we heard that sax blow, as far away as Colorado! The music we played that night went down in history as the Legendary Mad Hatter’s Soup Jam of 1974.

Skeeters pet squirrel, Izzy, was grooving to the tunes. He started rooting around in the morning glories, diggin’ his tasty snack, He ate his fill dancing to the Vertigo. As he makes his way to the stage Izzy keeps getting more and more dizzy. In his tryptomatic state he thinks the stage is Noah’s Ark. 
So he jumps aboard to save himself. When he lands on stage, he begins to multiply until he’s leading his own “Thunderfunk” parade. He’s wearing Lennon' glasses and Merlins hat, waving his wand like he’s omnipotent. Einstein’s brain begins to emit a pulsating green glow from the stone on Merlin’s Amp. Izzy grabs it and makes a mad dash for the GTO. All the band members chased him into Merlins ride. “Izzy, give us back that funkin’ stone. Hey, he dropped it on the dash, it’s gonna roll into the Vortex! 
No!…don’t let it activate!”....
The last thing anyone remembered was the sensation of zero-gravity. We all lost time for 4 hours. Panama Red was baking Jamaican Lambsbread. The next thing you know we’re all sitting at a table in the pub listening to Timothee Learyx. Man!..what an amazing vocalist!,...he could hold his notes longer than that guy from the insurance commercial!
Now, Merlin finally has the philosophers stone back in his possession, and because squirrel DNA can’t handle time travel…Izzy is frozen in place!...always ready...to roll the stone! 
UCM2 was formed in 2012 A.D. with some strings and a theory.
Every string in this theory is relative!
We know!....it's Improbable, but not impossible!
UCM2! – Thanks for your time!