Izzy a. Squirle

M. McCann


Izzy A. Squirle

 Skeeter Thunderfunk…skeeter was a starmans son
They say he slept… inside a hollow drum
Everytime he’d kick….that child would kick his feet
Thunderfunk!,…they’d call that beat

Yo!, Skeeter Thunderfunk….stole the show from a Hindu Monk
Izzy A. Squirrel stands on his throne…ready to roll the stone

The say the neighbors… never got no rest, No!
Rumblin’ the jungle,…Rockin the bungalow!
When he learned to drive…the wheels would shake
Banging on the dashboard…this is the sound he makes

Yo' Skeeter Thunderfunk....stole the show from a hindu monk

Izzy A. squirel stands on his thone ready to roll a stone

...Roll it!

Skeeter shows up to jam at a burning bush festival
We got the real MC2, time travel in a GTO!
Then we heard that sax blow as far away as Colorado
Izzy jumps up on stage… leading the Thunderfunk parade

Izzy was feeling dizzy, chewing on a morning glory
Now he’s forty light years away…forty light years away…

Izzy was feeling dizzy, chewing on a morning glory
Izzy A Squirrel? Izzy’s not sure…but he’s ready to roll the stone

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