Marlie's Collie

M. McCann


Marlie's Collie

We got our heads full of riffs
We've conquered the mighty spliff
Now we see twenty ways to go
Right, left, east, west, north, south UFO

We climbed a blue mountain in Jamaica
Marley’s collie was leading the way
We kept climbing forever on four
Till Kesey’s Keys wouldn't play no more

Dragons puff the magic smoke
Talking aloud to no one, they say
“Man this is awesome Bloke!”
We saw dragons chasing UFO’s
We’re explaining ourselves to no one
We call it alien rodeo

Been thumbing it west 3,000 miles
Hitchhiking galaxies round and round
At the foot of the trees the muse was found
Stuck in a loop from the mad hatters soup

Dragons puff the magic smoke
We’re explaining ourselves to no one
We just crashed our UFO
We saw dragons swimming in that soup
Stuck in the last of the mad hatter loop, yeah!

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