Timothee Learyx - Lead Vocals

Timothee Learyx is personified by Vocalist Dennis Daley. Originally from Schenectady, NY. Dennis left home at the tender age of 17 to join the U.S.A.F. and spent some time in England. But he soon returned to pardise to become the "Rock Star" he is today! The former lead vocalist for local cover band "Diamond Gray", Dennis brings impressive vocal skills to UCM2. His influences are..."Too many too list". His goal in the Music industry is..."to write one good song, be paid MILLIONS"....and we wish him ALL THE LUCK in the world!!!

Wildman Bluethoven - Guitars, music, lyrics.

Wildman Bluethoven's  alter ego is Mike McCann, An incredibly talented and creative local guitarist.

Originally from Wisconsin (Woaheegon) Mike caught his music bug at the age of 14, when he met a friend in the neighborhood who played the drums. This new friend also had a brother who played guitar, and taught Mike some chords and cool riffs...that was all it took.

The first song he learned to play was "Stairway to Heaven". Since then, Mike has spent countless hours studing the works of many great guitarists to develope the style, coordination and musical dexterity he exhibits today. His many great influences include but are not limited to: David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana, Miles Davis, and Robin Trower (no particular order) just to name a few. Mike's High-Powered sound is pure simplicity...turn it up to 12,...an' let her rip! 

Mike's first real band experience was with "The Gary Key Band", Later, he did a couple gigs with "Bad Neighbor" and a couple other local bands, then decided to start his own band...Midnight Caravan,  a very successful local cover band who became known for their great melodic instrumentals and incredible "Pink Floyd tributes. Mike followed that with  "The 1404 Band, an "original project" that had mild success. Soon after Mike and Scott Chase formed "The WMD Band " He (Mike) is also the lead guitarist and composer for "Mystic Traveler" and more recently...lead guitar for "The Shaky Ground Band.

In April 2012, Mike gathered some of his musical friends and formed "UCM2",.. United Creative Minds 2 (Squared). 

Mike's equipment: Gibson Les Paul, Fender "Eric Clapton" model Stratocaster through a Fender "Hot Rod Deluxe" Amplifier and various effects pedals.

Sko' Geddum - Bass Guitar, backing vocals.

Sko' Geddum  goes by Scott L. Chase (in this dimension).

Scott's parents suprised him with his first drum set at the age of 10 as a reward for his good grades. A short time later he got his first guitar, but stayed focused mainly on the drums. In middle school he learned to play trumpet. Later, while in the U.S.A.F., scott continued studying music theory with a fellow airman who received a  degree in Music from Berkley.

When Scott returned home, he auditioned to play guitar for the Tommy Gunn Band and was hired. But when they couldn't find a bass player, Scott decided to buy a bass guitar and fill the spot. His drum, guitar experience gave him an excellent foundation for the transition, and were key to developing his style. That was the beginning of his new love for the Bass.

Scott's notable Band credits are: The Tommy Gunn band, Midnight Caravan, and Storm Surge to name a few. He has also been recorded on several Televison and radio commercials and other local original recordings.

When asked who his musical inspirations were..."There are too many to list, but my top 5 picks are James Jamerson, Flea, Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones and Stanley Clark.

Sko's Gear:  All Fender...all the time! 

Merlinn Mindsteinn - Keyboards (all of 'em), Digital Engineer.


Glenn Laubaugh is the "Guardian of the philosopher's stone" and the multi-dimensional master referred to as Merlinn Mindsteinn. A true digital wizard.

Glenn was originally born in Grand Rapids and grew up in Hastings, Michigan. He moved to Florida with his parents when he was about 14. One day he was contemplating his future while sitting at a friends piano and was inspired by chopin's "Prelude in C minor". So, he took a few lessons from a friends mom.

Glenn continued his ebony & ivory education playing piano in stage band in his Junior year of High School. After High School he played keys in the "Pearl Legates" band, from there Glenn went on to the "A" circuit with the band "U.S. ONE", After awhile he realized he was suffering from a lack of originality, So he teamed up with the "ITEM" band and co-wrote with them until "the road" called, So he went on tour with "Popworks"and after touring all over the United States, Glenn settled in Pinellas County where he played in several bands including Even Steven, The 1404 band, Bad Neighbor, and Heat Seeker. Glenn started working at E.S.P. Studio in Pinellas Park and eventually bought the studio. Since then E.S.P has been "home away from home" for many of the areas most talented musicians. 

"Mo Soul" - Saxophone, Percussion, Lead Vocals on "Pineapple", backing vocals

Bio coming soon!

Skeeter Thunderfunk - Drums, Percussion, Horn, Backing Vocals.


Ron Harris is the creative genius also known as "Skeeter Thunderfunk",  Ron came to Florida from Van Nuys, California, Ron's first musical influence was his oldest brother, Gary...who played drums and sang in a local band. Ron learned to play his first musical instrument (Coronet) in Jr. High school and immediatly knew he was hooked.

Shortly after moving to Florida and nearly graduating from high school, Ron got his GED and joined the U.S. Navy "to see the world". When he'd seen "enough" he came back to florida to raise his family. Once settled, Ron bought his first drum kit and started playing drums. Then he and a few friends formed "Absolut Madness" (to no avail) Then Ron and long time friend Greg Cox, (his "brother from another mother") formed a duo and called it "Nee Deep". But tragically Greg passed away before the project was finished. Since then Ron worked as a stage hand, lighting, audio, and backline tech for several years in the local music industry. And now finally!!... he's in a REAL Band...UCM2! 

 Skeeter's Musical influencs:  Mostly Classic, Hard rock, Metal

 Skeeter's Gear:  1984 5pc.Tama Swingstar, Roland TD-20 "Vdrums"

Cymbals:  Zildian/Paiste 

Bongos/Timbales:  Meinl percussion

Congas:  Toca

Trumpet:  Silver Getzen Capri 

Misc. percussion



Fatha Tyme - Drums

Fatha Tyme is the master time keeper, true Zen master of relativity. Fatha Time is brought to life in this realm as Larry King. Larry is originally from Columbia, South Carolina and came to Florida at 10 yrs old. He developed that great sense of rythym on his mom's pots and pans in the kitchen. Soon larry got a new toy drum set (and mom got new pots an' pans). He also used to sneak into his sister's room and play her record collection when she wasn't around....ssshhh! It wasn't long and larry started his future with taking formal drum lessons. He played throughout school in marching, stage and concert bands and drum corps. Then it was on to the big time. Larry was in several successful local cover bands including: U S, Channel One, Even Steven, Amulette, Big Fish, L A Fish, and The Shakes Society.